Vision & Community

Experience the beauty of Texas and the exhilarating feeling of true independence at Swan Point Landing. We are striving to build a beautiful community that preserves the natural wildlife and allows for the unadulterated adventures you can only find in the Texas coastline and wetlands. Let this be your permanent and reliable retreat from everything that brings stress in the world.

Swan Point Landing has everything you want from an idyllic community that offers a true retreat from city life and urban stress. Most of our properties are over an acre and offer many of the features that you’d only expect to experience in the natural wildlife of the Texas coastland. We provide properties and homes with amazing views, perfect seclusion, and effortless access to Texas coasts and wetlands.

Not only does Swan Point Landing provide you with property that embodies the lush and endless beauty of Texas waterfront and wetland, but we also provide you with access to adventure in the outdoors and the thriving communities unlike any other. Experience the glorious wetlands and coastlines, kayaking and boating in untouched waters, angling and fishing that’s unbelievable, hunting that takes your breath away, and towns and cities that allow you to experience the finer things in life.

Community Association

The Swan Point Landing Community Association ensures that the beauty of your property and the value of your investment isn’t diminished after you purchase your property. Through the maintenance of natural landscaping and the enforcement of codes and provisions that require all properties to maintain the quality you expect from this idyllic community, the Swan Point Landing Community Association allows you to rest assured that your investment maintains and gains value well into the future.

Swan Point Landing Community Association, Inc. shall be organized and formed by Declarant as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Texas. The Association shall have full power, authority and standing to enforce all provisions of the Governing Documents. The principle purposes of the Association are the collection, expenditure and management of the funds and financial affairs of the Association, enforcement of all provisions of the Governing Documents, providing for maintenance, preservation and architectural control within the Subdivision, the general overall supervision of all of the affairs and well being of the Subdivision and the promotion of the health, safety and welfare of the residents and Owners of Lots within the Subdivision.

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